Welcome to MTB Galaxy!

We invite you to mountain bike through the most beautiful gem in the Galaxy: Slovenia. Trail upon trail from karst to coast and alpine forest to flowy meadow plains, you will be delighted with the diversity of terrain. It is here you will carve unforgettable memories, and build captivating stories to take home to inspire your friends. We do all the hard work for you to give you the maximum hours on your bike each day and tailor your trip to ensure the best possible experience.

Join us on a Mountain Bike Adventure in the Alps.


Why MTB Galaxy?

feel freedom

More often then not, we are very different from one another, but in some cases our deep-founded similarities shine through – at least when it comes to riding a mountain bike. That is when our daily worries and stress seem to magically disappear. All there is left is scoping out the best line on the

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    MTB Galaxy – let’s kick start 2014

    The alps, green hills and the Adriatic, different climates, different soil and a range of different singletrack. All within a week, long weekend or just weekend and all within a hundred kilometers. This is unique to Slovenia. If you are looking for a colorful bike travel experience that will challenge your entire technical arsenal and

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